The reason we are leading in rental home industry

Rentdigi is a one stop solution for both landlord and tenants, this is the reason we are leading in rental home industry. Renting your next home as a renter can be tiresome and even frustrating especially when you find the place you want to rent.

Many people realize this fact after they have spent so much time going through the rental process. From initial search of finding a place, calling or emailing to book appointments for a viewing while keeping manual track of them all, going to bank for deposits, going back to sign paperwork for approval, waiting to hear if you are approved, then book move in dates, getting rental insurance, Yes- renting is a very overcomplicated process.

Rentdigi is born out of the need to simplify the process for renters and landlords to meet and rent with just a few clicks. Rentdigi is a revolutionary tool that makes renting easier, faster and “simple” just like booking your flight and reserving your seats. Yes- it’s that simple.

Rentdigi leverages a world class online system that books your appointment, does your online application for approvals, accepts online payments, tenant insurance for peace of mind and provides many more benefits for renters and landlord- All Online.

As a renter you simply show up for your appointment and meet the landlord while the whole process is done online with Rentdigi.

Here are few more reasons that make Rentdigi the perfect solution for tenants and landlords: Landlords use the system to increase the simplicity of listing and renting their apartments fast. The system saves time for both the landlord and the renter as there is no more back and forth over the phone, email or in person as Rentdigi provides this online.

As a landlord, dealing with excessive paperwork is overwhelming and now Rentdigi provides simplified solution with tracking your property details. Rentdigi makes the entire management of properties paperless.

Use Rentdigi and start enjoying a simpler life today as we believe in Simplicity while building great communities to live and love.

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