Every story has two sides. We have been landlords, and we have been tenants. We’ve seen first-hand how frustrating and complex the rental process is for those seeking and offering homes for rent.

What we saw next was how the process could be simplified into a one-stop solution. Our team came together to design a system that would do all the work for landlords and tenants, and go from viewing to move-in with only a few simple clicks. Rentdigi is a system designed to connect landlords with tenants, and ensure a smooth, paperless rental process for everyone.


We’ve kept both tenants and landlords at the forefront of our minds while developing Rentdigi. We cater to the needs of all our clients by developing systems and processes that work best for everyone, and offering support and training to ensure you get the most out of your Rentdigi experience.

We take your requests and recommendations seriously. You’ll notice that we’ve dedicated an entire website page to your feedback. We don’t just review your comments, questions, and suggestions; we welcome them! You’ll always know that we are paying attention to the details, and truly listening to what you have to say.


Rentdigi is an online program that simplifies the renting process, giving both landlords and tenants a stress-free, smooth experience. We are a proud North American company leading the rental industry with innovative technology. Listening to our clients is our number one priority, and we are always happy to receive feedback that will help us improve your experience.

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